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Dubai Expo 2020

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The main site of Expo Dubai 2020 will be a 438-hectare area (1083 acres) located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, near Dubai’s southern border with Abu Dhabi. The master plan, designed by an American firm, is organized around a central plaza, called Al Wasl, enclosed by three large Thematic districts.

Each one is dedicated to one of the sub-themes of Expo 2020 – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. Dubai has also been emphasizing on investments in various sectors such as economic growth, real estate, environmental avenues and public affairs. In recent times, Dubai has made major investments in Real Estate as well as introduced a world’s largest Solar power Project which is all set to start by Expo 2020.

Apart from pumping money, the nation is also keen on giving equal prominence to public relationships. The initiative – Dubai Happiness Agenda, has 16 programmes under four themes that sums up 82 projects to be set in the city with an aim to make the city the happiest by 2020.


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